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Bergere models, the most important complementary furniture in sofa sets, are available in Belusso Mobilya stores in a variety of color and model options.

Bergere is the third most popular furniture group in living rooms, following sofa sets and corner sofa sets. Bergere , also known as a winged chair, goes beyond standard formworks; it is specially produced and offered to you by Belusso Mobilya, where modern and luxury style live in harmony.

What to Consider When Choosing Bergere Models?

Bergeres are a unique piece of furniture that can be used with any sofa model. Bergere models, which can be used with any style of furniture, should still be in keeping with the overall style. If you have a modern sofa set, for example, purchasing a modern bergere model or a modern single sofa will make your living room decoration more elegant.

Secondly, it is beneficial to select a bergere model based on the intended use. The width of the seating area may not be an issue if it is kept for decorative purposes rather than sitting in the area where it will be used. If it is expected to be used frequently, choose bergeres with a large seating area and that provide comfort.

If you want to create a completely different atmosphere in your living room with your single armchair models, you can come to our Belusso Mobilya store and learn more about our armchair models.

Specially Designed Bergere Models

With it's different designing options, Belusso Mobilya's bergere models take place in our collection with it's structure that fits to every style and need. Also, we can see that, bergere models are at the forefront when comparing to sofa set models and they are great options as home decoration objects.