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I Want to Design My Own Furniture (Custom Designed Furniture)

You can have personalized furniture designs designed in our Modoko store, accompanied by interior architects who are experts in their fields.

Different and stylish furniture models can make your home decorations completely special for you. For this reason, people have recently been more willing to buy custom designed furniture models by saying "I want to design my own furniture".

So, you can feel the modernity and pleasure of Belusso in your home by joining the “I want to design my own furniture” with our interior architecture support.

With our successful interior architects who have received awards in many fields, you can easily design your design furniture models and benefit from our personalized production options.

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Belusso Mobilya is waiting for you in Modoko store with its special design options.

I Want to Design My Own Furniture (Custom Designed Furniture)


We are ready to add a whole new dimension to your home living spaces with our expert architect staff.