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2022 I Bedroom Sets

2022 bedroom sets will take their place in your home decorations thanks to the interior architecture support we have provided.

Each season, different, more stylish and higher quality furniture models are designed and presented to you compared to the previous furniture trends. We can say that useful and functional furniture models are at the forefront, especially in modernized and more minimal home decorations.

Albatros Bedroom Set

At this point, 2022 furniture models and 2022 furniture trends have become a little more functional and more modern than the previous 2021 furniture models. Especially in bedroom sets, simplicity, softness and peace are brought to the fore.

Ayvalık Bedroom Set

2022 Bedroom Set Models

The wood and chenille fabric-weighted details used in the 2022 bedroom sets indicate that the 2022 bedroom sets are much more durable and useful. The biggest proof of the functionality that comes to the fore in the bedroom products used is the sliding wardrobe models used in the 2022 bedroom sets. Sliding wardrobe models, which are slowly emerging in 2021 furniture trends, will be the most popular furniture model in 2022 bedroom trends.

Cosy Black Bedroom Set

Belusso Mobilya feels the pulse of 2022 furniture trends with the design and production service it provides in Modoko Mobilya Çarşısı, and produces the most creative bedroom models for you with the interior architecture support it has provided to you.

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2022 I Bedroom Sets